PJ Music Technique Olympics – Coming this Fall!!

Rules and Regulations

The Technique Olympics are a fun way to get the game on for improving technique.  Please read through the details below and find the link to registration at the bottom.

Competitors will gather at Tom Lee Music Langford according to their RCM Grade Level as assigned to perform for a panel of judges.  The goal is to motivate students to master their skills and provide a competitive atmosphere to work on performance and speed.  Grade levels will be split into different classes with different start times which will be posted on the website after the close of registration. Registration and details below.

Registration Fee

Registered Studio Students: $25

Non-Studio Students: $35

Any student wishing to compete must complete the online registration form on the PJ music Website, including the RCM/CCM grade they are currently working on and which Categories they would like to compete in. (Categories may be changed and updated the day of but not the grade level)


Students may enter any category they wish as long as it can be found in the syllabus in their grade or one grade higher. (students may not enter a category that is in a grade below their current level) ex. A grade 2 student may not enter into the *pentascales* category.

Included in technique categories are both ear training and sight-reading.


Marks will be awarded (but not released) based on timing, accuracy, articulation, dynamics and speed of Technical requirements.

First place will be awarded in each Category (as long as a minimum score is met) as well as runner-ups at the discretion of the Judging panel.

There will be a panel consisting of 2-3 Judges.

Other Activities:

Games and refreshments will be provided in between the classes.










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