Music Camps

Spring Break  2019 Music Camps!

Spring Break Camps with Pam are coming!  TBD

Pre-School Spring Break Music Exploration!

KiddiKeys!  Preschool Spring Break Music Exploration – spend three days exploring music!
Located at the Langford Studio!  More information: Kiddy Keys Spring Break.

Music for Tweens & Teens – Spring Break Sampler!

Do your tween/teen’s piano lessons need a little tweaking? There’s nothing wrong with that, so let’s shake it up a bit; add a little spice. WunderKeys for Teens is just the thing to enhance their musical journey. This music has been written specifically with teens in mind, and students are loving it. With all of temptations like iPads, phones and games online, learning a musical instrument is changing and we need to change with it. I think these would make a great addition. Go to “Sound Cloud” to listen to some of the tracks.

Come and give it a test drive.
Come 1 day – $25.00 (Tuesday)
Come 2 days – $40.00 (Thursday)
Come for all 3 days – $50.00 (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday)


What do parents say about music camp?

The time we have invested in summer camps has paid dividends as we have developed our children’s musical ability. This year my daughter has struggled with her piano.  But after a week at camp she was able to be enthusiastic about her playing again.

Nadine K.

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